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Zinc Alloy Logo Badges

Zinc Alloy Logo Badges

Product Name:Zinc Alloy Logo Badges

Model No.:OY-1005A


Main uses: furniture, household appliances, wine bottles (boxes), tea boxes, bags and leather goods, door industry, machinery, automobiles, computers, advertising, security products, sports equipment, electronic and digital products, etc  

Functions: 1. Identify, publicize and promote products.  

2, establish and maintain the corporate image and reputation.  

3. Decorate and beautify products.  

Main process: etching, drawing, stamping, die-casting, polishing, electroplating, coloring and so on  

Surface effect: can do wire drawing, twill, horizontal, CD lines, corrosion lines, frosted surface, mirror, dumb surface, bright surface, gold, concave and convex three-dimensional, oil spraying, etc.  

Advantages: fashion, simple, modern, light, thin and quality (metal texture strong) three-dimensional sense, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.  The design is beautiful, the line is clear, the color is full and uniform.  

Main installation method: double-sided adhesive with straps or holes on both sides with small nails and other installation.